2019 : August

At the start of the year I gave myself a list of things I wanted to do every single month of 2019. I wanted to make the most of each month rather than just rushing through each day and week. We are halfway into September and it’s taken so long to write August’s post because I ended up having such a busy, crazy, wonderful month there is just so much to write about! August was full of wonderful moments, it’s been full of challenges, adventures and excitement.

Have 1 lazy day.

We indulged in a few lazy days. We cuddled up on the sofa. We watched telly, ate snacks and went on slow lazy strolls in the woods with the dog. bliss! Sometimes I worry that we never slow down, we are always rushing onto the next thing, we always have loads of plans, so it’s great to take a breath. To stop and chill. I took a few days off to do nothing too, just me and Duke. I did some yoga, cuddled Duke, ran, baked cakes and went swimming; I had a great time.

Try something new.

Duke and I tried some new training ! We went on a tracking course … he loved it, I loved it. He’s been enjoying scent games and tracking lately so it was really nice to be able to explore this more with him.

Visit a new place & Walk a “different” dog walk. (had to combine these two!)

We have been all over the place with our boy! But the best one was Compton acres. I’ve been before but I’ve never fully explored it; Duke, Karl and I had the best time. It was absolutely lovely much nicer than I had anticipated ! The setting is stunning but it’s also a very chilled calm walk which was nice for Duke.

He was such a good boy despite there being quite a few people and having to pass by them in quite close quarters. I really enjoyed it, there was also a lovely cafe for scones and coffee . Which were delicious.

I really recommend visiting if you fancy a calm and picturesque walk, with some stunning flowers and beautiful themed gardens it’s a perfect place for a weekend stroll.

Treat myself to something small.

August was a month full of treats to be honest! T-shirts, jumpers, bits and pieces as well as dinners out and lots of other wonderful things.

Cross something off my “Bucket list”.

458. Reconnect with an old friend.

Watch a new film.

I don’t actually think I’ve watched a new film!! I’ve definitely rewatch a few old favourites ; Harry Potter, Secret Life of Pets and a few other staples. I also rewatched Captain Marvel and End Game which are just super films. Get it …. super.

Cook a new recipe.

Coffee muffins! So these turned out much better than I ever thought they would. I used a heap load of coffee. The recipe was really simple but I didn’t write it down and I’ve been unable to find it again.

Run a new route

I’ve run quite a few new routes lately, it’s done me some good! It’s helped me to stay focused on training. Sometimes running the same route again and again can really bore me! But shaking it up ; running with other people, running new routes, running at different times of day has made a real difference to my motivation.

Download and listen to a new song.

I downloaded the Lion king album, it is pretty darn good. I haven’t even seen the film yet though which is quite frankly a travesty.

Visit family or have family come to visit us.

We got to see the littlest cousins. And of course there mum and dad! (My aunt and uncle.) It was great to see them. We also went to see my grandparents as well as my dad and stepmom.

It’s been important for me to connect more with my family this year and I’m glad we have been able to do.

Listen to a song I haven’t heard in a while.

Tim McGraw, I just love his music. I can’t believe I’ve left it this long to listen to it again.

Do something that scares me.

We have started swimming! Why am I scared of swimming? I’m not a good swimmer, I hate wearing a bikini and trying new things can make me feel incredibly anxious. But, my wonderful husband and I started swimming every week; me because I want to improve my fitness and do a triathlon, Karl? Because he loves me! He is brilliant . It’s been great, so good in fact I now own a pair of goggles and a swimming costume ! My swimming was horrendous but thanks to some instruction, hints and tips from the very lovely life guard I’m now well on my way to looking like a half decent swimmer. I also happen to love swimming immensely; so I’ve found a new love!

I even managed to go on my own; which is something that really worried me at first. The idea really scared me, but, I did it! I went, all by myself with my little swim bag and water bottle … and unsurprisingly it all went well. There were no disasters; I’ve subsequently gone on my own loads since!

The creation of this little challenge was because 2018 was such a rushed year for us, we just kept waiting for the year to be over as it had been such a difficult one, wishing it away. I wanted to take more time to have fun, experience as much as possible and to not rush through each month. I want to actually enjoy 2019, for Karl and I, and of course Duke, to have as much fun as possible.

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