2019 : September

At the start of this year I gave myself a list of things I wanted to do every single month of 2019. This list was full of small but important things to make sure I made the most of each month. 

We spent much of last year just desperately trying to get through each month ; we wasted much of the year. 2018 was sad, hard and life changing; I wanted 2019 to be full of joy, growth and exploration. September has been an amazing month! Its been pretty full on and full of change.

Have 1 lazy day.

Lazy days have been hard to find, we have been increasingly busy, out having the best time! But we still manage to squeeze the odd lazy day in. chilling on the sofa with our feet up.

Try something new.

New camera! I loved my Mirrorless Samsung digital camera. It’s its been a faithful bit of kit for some time…. But it has finally given in. 6 years of using it almost every week, at least once a week, and its finally kicked the bucket! My wonderful husband drove around with me looking very sad and defeated until we found a replacement camera on a chilly September Sunday afternoon. He is the best.

I’ve gone for another mirrorless as opposed to a DSLR etc…. I wanted something easy, durable and robust. A camera that easily sends snaps to my phone. My choice :- Canon EOS M50 Compact Mirrorless Digital Camera. Im still getting to grips with it but I love it so far and it’s already accompanied me on adventures. My favourite subject for photo graphs :- my wonderful hound!


Visit a new place.

We visited a new part of London !

Greenwich is such a beautiful part of London. It’s so green and vibrant, I just love it. I can’t believe I have never been before. We walked up to the Royal Observatory which had such beautiful views of the city. The shiny buildings a contrast against the greenery of Greenwich. Greenwich is cool, much calmer than other parts of London and steeped in history. It has a chilled vibe and couldn’t be any more different to London staples such as Piccadilly or Trafalgar square. We visited the observatory and Cutty Sark as well as the market and we loved it! The independent retailers and market vendors where brilliant.


Walk a “different” dog walk.

Bere rigis :- we have been taking Duke here for some off lead time ! Its been ages since we have been able to let him off the lead so its great to relax and have him running around us. His recall is doing so well and I’m managing to handle my anxiety in regards having him off the lead.


Treat myself to something small.

I treated myself to a pair of dungarees and I adore them. A few years ago I wouldn’t be caught dead in dungarees. But I’ve embraced the dog walking , country side exploring lifestyle and a pair of dungarees just fits. They are comfy and dare I say cool? I now wear them all the time! This pair was from topshop and was worth every penny.

Cross something off my “Bucket list”.

I haven’t actually crossed anything off this month! I’ve just been so busy it hasn’t happened.

Watch a new film.

Secret Life of Pets 2…. Oh my god I loved it! It was brilliant. I know I know a sequel is never as good as the 1st film. But I found SLP2 charming, funny and a fitting sequel. I wont give the plot away in case you haven’t seen it; but its adorable.


Cook a new recipe.

I’ve been the worst for cooking… I’ve pretty much failed at this one every month!

Run a new route

Beach runs are my new favourite thing:- not on the sand because im not crazy. Ive been running along the Bournemouth promenade with a friend, after the run  we have a fry up and wonder around town…. But the best part of this is we run a different mileage and route each time! It’s realy invigorated my love of running.


Download and listen to a new song.

Old town road – OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG. Im not sure why I love it so much but I just do!


Visit family or have family come to visit us.

We have had Tom (my brother) to visit and I went to see my best friend. Its been great to see so much of my little brother lately and staying with my best friend is great we chat, eat all the food in sight and have a great time.


Listen to a song I haven’t heard in a while.

Ashley Simpson :- the sound track to my anxious early teenhood. I think I should follow it up with Avril Lavigne and Hillary Duff . What do you think? I actually love this kind of pop stuff: love, break ups and singing about everything else in life. I know its a little cheesy at times but I love it. It’s great for dancing around the house and singing at the top of my voice.


Do something that scares me.

I started a new job ! I moved roles and it was utterly terrifying to walk into the same building but head to a different office and start a totally new job that Monday morning. Terrify but brilliant… this is why I have been so utterly tiered and have missed a few things off my list because new jobs are exhausting. I’m loving my new role!

I’ve already started to compile next years monthly list of things to do: any suggestions?!

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