Bucket list Update: 318. Go on a bike ride for the day.

I’m not a natural bike lover: in fact I’ve pretty much refused to touch a bike in the last ten years. I tend to spend all my time crashing into things. But my husband loves cycling and it’s something I real wanted to do with him. I also really want to do a triathlon and an important part of completing that little target is getting comfortable on a bike.

My husband bought me a bike for my birthday after at least a year of hearing me say I was going to buy a bike and never buying myself one. My wonderful husband presented me with a blue, brand new, mountain bike. Complete with bell.

And we went off to spend the day in the woods. I absolutely loved it! Proof that if you didn’t like something as a teenager it’s always a good thing to try again! And Proof that you relay don’t forget how to ride a bike. We have now been going out every weekend on our bikes and I have another hobby that will undoubtedly mean spending lots of money on new gear (My poor husband!).

I love that it’s something I can do with my best friend… and we stop off for coffee halfway round which is always nice! My biggest tip for any newbie to bikes : get a mud guard, always carry your bank card for impromptu coffee or ice-cream stops and get padded shorts. I’ve already bought some new cycle clothes and I’ve started being THAT person who posts their cycles on Facebook because you know … I’m cool!

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