Hazard’s first week!

It’s been almost a week since we picked Hazard up from the breeder. I can’t believe it!

Hazards mum is a black lab, her dad a tri coloured collie. The lovely lady, a first time breeder, lives all the way in Cumbria. She owns Hazard’s mum who is called Brecken and her littermate Kessy and now one of Brecken’s other babies. We picked our little bundle up on a day after her 8th week and she was amazing traveling down to Dorset. She enjoyed climbing all over the car and me. She slept a lot of the way and provided much entertainment.

In her first week with us she has:

  • Come to her new home and forever family .
  • Met her big brother Duke .
  • Discovered the joys of pulling sunflowers out of the ground.
  • Been on her first walk (in a puppy sling).
  • Visited her first beach.
  • Visited her first woods (all in a puppy sling of course) .
  • Met her “cousin” Lola and Lola’s humans both big and small.
  • Been to the vets.
  • Visited the pet shop.
  • Discovered sitting on command.
  • Stolen our hearts.
  • Discovered the wonderful hobby of co napping in the day.

She is very smart but is working on wrapping us all around her paws. Her big brother is taking the job very seriously and lets us know when he feels she need attention. We are currently being woken up at midnight and then again 5am but to be honest that is better than we thought it was going to be.

She loves running around with the biggest dog toys she can find in Duke’s toy box; despite the fact we bought her tons of puppy sized toys . And bringing any leaf, stone or twig from outside to inside; bouncing around as she does so. Next week is going to be another busy one we have lots planned and her next vaccinations are booked for 10 weeks so there is lots more for her to discover! I cant wait to take her and duke to the beach.

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