10weeks old!

Hazard is 10 weeks old! And it’s her 2nd week with us.

She’s grown so much, I actually can’t believe how small she was 2 weeks ago! Going from 3.3kg to 5.2kg in such a small space of time. Still small for a Labrador but she was the smallest of the litter.

She has had a great week!

She’s had her second lot of vaccinations today which is great because it means just one week till she can finally go for a walk. At the moment she is still walking with us via the backpack! And she is getting heavy.

Hazard has been amazing, house training is going well , she’s proving to be a smart cookie and we have started implementing short training sessions. She’s proven herself to be a mini four legged Houdini; escaping any attempt to keep her in once place.

During her 10th week of life she has:

Had her first “walk” to Morton Ford

Met her human grandparents

Met lulu my dads poodle/retriever mix.

Met fern my mother in law’s Frenchie

Been to her first tea rooms

Learnt to pull the stuffing out of teddies

Learnt to play fight

Discovered she can sleep past 530am

Discovered barking

Learnt the “touch” command

And much more

Having a new puppy is great, but also very tiering; she is always on the go! running around spotting signs of needing a wee is all fun and games until it’s after a busy day and your tiered! She also has the teeth and claws of a velociraptor… no honestly…. And likes to sink those needle teeth into the furniture at any chance. she is 100% worth the exhaustion . She is such a lovely little soul and who could be mad at that little face? Even if she tries to eat my rugs, ovenmits, curtains, sofas and anything else that takes her fancy.

Here’s her week in pictures;

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