Hazard :- 11 weeks old

I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks! Crazy! Hazard has had a busy week filled with family visits, her first proper walk and the discovery of the sea!

Hazard’s house training is going well; now and again she has the odd accident but on the whole she is really good and let’s us know she wants to go outside.

It’s been a busy week because we have had lots of family down so she has had lots of new experiences . She’s been Loving the fuss and extra cuddles. She seems to love all people and all dogs!

This week she’s experienced the carpet cleaner, runners, bikes, other walkers dog’s and rubbish trucks. We’ve been working on a few basic commands and I’ve booked her in for a training class in a weeks time!

She’s stopped crying when we put her in her crate at night which is good and her recall is progressing nicely.

And Duke? Well he loves her, they have been playing loads and he tolerates her biting his tail and ears. He keeps a close eye on her all the time and is quite protective. She like to chase him round the garden not realising he’s actually playing with his ball not her !

This week:

Walked pasted bike riders and runners

Discovered she is afraid of rubbish trucks

Had a doggy friend sleep over

Learnt to bark at cats (thanks to her brother)

Started posing for the camera (learning from her brother)

Been for her first proper walk

Discovered the sea and the joys of a paddle in it

Met strange dogs

Met my aunty’s cockapoo

Been left on her own for 45 mins

Puked in the car (thanks for that)

Started walking on a lead

Destroyed a pair of leggings

Had her nails clipped (because of sea leggings )

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