Another week flies by!

Hazard has had a crazy week, it flown by and I can believe she has been with us a whole month! she is 12 weeks old!! And getting bigger and bigger. She has been off lead, caused as much chaos as she possibly can and has brought lots of entertainment and laughter into our week.

Duke and Hazard get closer by the day, they love running around together, play fighting, playing chase and snuggling. They are adorable. Hazard is constantly watching her big brother and loves nothing more than to be with him.

Hazard week has included lots of training, we are working on;

Leave it


Eye contact

And down.

Toilet training has been great and she has a solid recall at the moment.

She and Duke have “touch” down, both of them touching their nose against my hand as quick as possible. Mostly because they want to get the best treat !

This week she has :

Had her first solo walk (without duke)

Discovered the joys of being off leash on the beach (her recall is solid at the moment and we can see what’s around)

Met strange / new dogs

Been to the woods

Learnt a touch command and watch command

Met strangers on a walk

Pulled two shrubs out of the ground

Tried sausages

Discovered cheese and yogurt

Oh and drank some of my wine!!!!

This is the first time Karl has been away (only for one night). She was pretty good, she didn’t seem to fret although she did take a big glug of my wine while I wasn’t looking (cue frantic googling about wether wine can poison my dog). She was fine.

She has her first puppy class on Saturday! Another week of fun ahead!

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