Pupdate: 13 weeks

Hazard is 13 weeks old today. Every day she gets funnier and sassier. Her toilet training is going well and she attended her first training class ; she was amazing . It was such a positive experience. She was the youngest and smallest but she let her presence be known.

She is so confident with people even her big brother is learning from her that being fussed over by strangers can be fun (duke isn’t keen on strangers) . She likes other dogs and loves to play and is even showing signed of having good dog manners.

She and Duke seem to love eachother more and more everyday and it actually melts my heart, they love to play , she always wants to be next to him; it’s honestly adorable! He tolerates her climbing on his head and nipping his ears. And loves joint in on her training session.

She has a new trick this week where when one of us wakes up to deal with her in the morning she dashes into the bedroom to say hello to the other one before she will get back in her bed! She does this by launching herself at the bed. Running up said person while they are still sleeping (normally at 530am) jumping on their head and covering them in kisses.

This week she has

• Visited her dad’s work

• been to the pub

• been to the garden Center

• been to her first dog training class

• had lots of lovely walks

• Learnt to spin on command

• Discovered she loves cheese

• Met lots of dogs and people

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