Our girl Hazard

I can’t believe she is 14 weeks old! It’s madness. She is growing so fast. She seems to get bigger everyday, she already needs a new harness! She can jump on the sofa now without any help (and makes the most of it). And is even faster at running up the stairs!

She is very sweet natured but also alittle cheeky. There is never a dull day with Hazard around. She loves to play, cuddle, pull flowers out the ground and chasing after her brother. They play constantly, I could watch them all day… especially when they race round the living room.

We took her to a public event this week; she stole the show. Everyone wanted to cuddle and fuss her. I don’t blame them she’s adorable. She barely reacted to the loud noises, animals or people. She had so much fun but did start falling asleep at our feet towards the end!

Haz can be a little noisy when she isn’t getting her own way; We are working on that , it’s hard to ignore her but we are trying. Wish us luck…. We have a noisy few weeks ahead.

She loves digging. Digging is her favourite thing (apart from Duke) and discouraging her is very hard because she finds it so fun! And Duke has started digging too. I’ve been filling holes in left right and centre ! Im sure they are ganging up on me.

It’s been a busy week, loads of new things and loads of fun. Toilet training is going really well… hardly any accidents this week! Maybe only one… I can’t even remember it’s so infrequent.

This week she met my dad and step mums new puppy, Buster, who is a few weeks younger than Haz. They were so cute together… but she looks huge compared to him. They are a right pair.

This week hazard has:

been out of the county

mastered fetch – and bringing it back

been to a public event

met horses

been to a family BBQ

met a puppy younger than she is

Tried to eat a slug

been off the lead in the woods

Discovered pinecones

Learnt the “wait” command!

Discovered how fun it is to get covered in mud.

Learnt to bark at delivery men *eye roll*

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