15 weeks old: getting bigger by the day and sassier by the hour

I actually can’t believe how big Haz is now! Her legs suddenly look so long!

This week she has had a lot of fun, caused as much trouble as she can, and even enjoyed her first Kids Party. During which she rained chaos down upon us all (obviously).

Her recall has been really really good. I’m so impressed with how quickly she runs back to us. She is also picking up on lots of other behaviours like waiting and settling. She has finally learnt to lay down on command … which she was struggling with.

She is getting good at settling down in the evenings but only once she has had her dose of the zoomies! If you don’t know what the zoomies are: running around like a lunatic with no purpose or reason at the highest speed possible whilst also jumping, sliding and occasionally barking. Once zoomed out she will settle down and cuddle till bedtime. We still have to carry her up to her bed once its time to go to sleep which I love; but don’t think ill be able to do for too much longer!

toilet training is so far a success with no indoor accidents.

This week she has :

Discovered carrots and their deliciousness… also that her Aunty Kat will supply them if she gives her puppy dog eyes

Destroyed a set of curtain ties ; shredded and spread across the living room

Dug two holes in my garden

Discovered she loves muddy puddles and stagnant water

Accompanied dad to work… where she got lots of cuddles and became boss of the office

Learnt to signal she wants to go outside

And how is Duke doing ? Well he loves being a big brother… he has taken it all in his stride. Although I did take him for a walk just the two of us the other day to remind him he is still my baby! They love playing , making as much noise as possible, and of course at the exact moment we are trying to relax , watch TV or take an important phone call….. Duke loves her and puts up with her antics well.

This week is going to be a busy one . I am sure we will have lots more adventures and misadventures

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