16 weeks old, bold and doing what she’s told (mostly)

4 months?! Where has the time gone? She seems to be getting bigger by the day. Her attitude definitely gets bigger! She doesn’t hesitate to tell you what she wants, she loves exploring and is so confident it’s scary.

We are really lucky that she is keen to learn and do what she is told. She loves to please: especially if she is going to get a treat. She learns new tricks and commands pretty well if there is food or praise involved.

My dad and step mum’s puppy Buster stayed with us this week so she has had to share the limelight. She has been really good actually , I was so surprised. They loved play fighting and running around like headless chickens… running rings around me. They were adorable sharing toys, chews and duke’s bed. Poor duke found the whole week exhausting (but he secretly loved it).

Toilet training is still going swimmingly. She is learn to sleep in longer but still likes to be carried up to bed like a baby. Which I don’t mind.

This week we haven’t introduced her to too many new things as it’s been such a busy week:

She has had another puppy stay all week.

She has learnt the knee command

She is working on the wait command and off.

Been to pets at home for a new harness

Been out for breakfast for the first time

Experienced a proper rainy day (not a fan)

Met strangers at the garden Center

Met new dogs

Tried bell peppers

Walked on double leash

2 thoughts on “16 weeks old, bold and doing what she’s told (mostly)

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  1. Lovely read – you know I’m only .001% the dog person you are but I love hearing about your adventures.
    Love Allways GD❤️


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