17 weeks old: Hazard the daddy long legs hunter

Another week gone in a flash I know I say this every week but I can’t believe how big she is getting, her legs have gotten so long. Her face looks more collie to me, but her body most definitely looks like a lab.

Haz is doing well. She has learnt that she doesn’t need to wake up at 6am everyday, she settling earlier in the evening now too which is helpful. So much more sleep for us. Toilets are almost exclusively done outside even when we have been out for an hour or two and she has been on her own (which is rare at the moment but we will obviously build up her alone time so she doesn’t feel worried when we are out).

We have a few new experiences planned for next week! So we have been working on her settling in public. She is pretty good just interested in everything.

She learns fast and loves a little training session every day ; I’m trying to teach her to roll over at the moment which is hilarious.

She loves to get into places she shouldn’t like behind the sofa and under barbed wire fences but she has good recall so we are able to call her back quickly. She’s really good with other dogs and people which is great what she isn’t good with is daddy long legs…. She likes to eat them!! Hunt them down then pounce.

This week;

We went to wareham woods.

Had our first pub lunch with both dogs.

She started riding in the boot of the car with Duke rather than the back seat

Learnt the “leave it” command and “up” to jump onto a log/sofa/chair as well as “down down” to come off.

Forgot how to play fetch.

Encountered cows, birds and horses

Eaten 2 flies , 4 Daddy long legs and attempted to eat a bee.

Discovered strawberries are delicious.

Been left alone for a few hours with and without duke

Had off leash walks without Duke

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