18 weeks old: sand, sea and stumps.

Another busy week and I swear she has doubled in size! She’s doing so well.

She’s learning to wait for her photograph to be taken before leaping off things…. Resulting in some cracking photos. She just needs to learn to pose like duke boy! She likes posing on tree stumps and dinning chairs.

She loves the beach , we go to Studland a lot but we took her into Bournemouth this week which was a completely different experience. She loved it. She loved my mother in laws dog and the two spent ages jumping all over each other. Her recall was fab especially given that there are so many distractions at Bournemouth. She had to encounter electric scooters, bikes and everything else; not only in day light on the way down but in the dark on the way home.

This week;

First evening meal out.

Encountered Cows , loose and moving around.

Her first nighttime walk.

Horses while off lead.

First visit to a busy town.

Bournemouth beach.

Off lead with runners, bikes and electric scooters.

First time being look after by someone else while we are out to dinner.

First visit to Morton Ford followed by a play in the river.

Learnt “up sit” command.

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