5 months old: trains, training and treats

Hazard has had a really busy week as always! She traveled on public transport, she recalled from ducks while off leash and visited lots of new locations.

We are still doing training in short bursts and focusing on recall; which is great at the moment but we want to keep it that way! Practice makes perfect. I’ve been taking Hazard to lots of new places like the town centre , nature reserves etc. Trying to get as much experiences in as possible.

This week hazard has:

Stolen food out of her brothers mouth (yep!)

Been on a train!

Visited a castle.

Worn her first Halloween outfit.

Encountered Halloween decorations including large scary ghosts. And a plastic vampire she did NOT like.

Learnt the “back” command , “paw” and “wait for it.” Also “jump”

Visited Dorchester.

Been Off leash around ducks.

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