21 weeks old: holes in the garden and holes in the sofa!

And just like that madam is 21 weeks old!

She has grown loads again. She suddenly looks huge. She is catching up with her pal Lola . As she grows she is getting different colour patches of fur coming through and looks a-little more collie. With the change in size , fur and growing confidence she has also been loosing baby teeth.

Duke and Hazard’s relationship is so strong these days ; they really do love each other which makes me so happy! They play lots but also just chill out on the dog bed together.

Hazard had her first over night stay at my Dad & steep mum’s house; we all stayed over and Karl and I went out for the day leavening them to cause chaos for Sarah and dad! They were well behaved thank goodness; but grandkids are always good for nana and grandpa and naughty for mum and dad.

Hazard did her first truly naughty thing this week. She pulled the foam out of one of our sofa cushions. And destroyed it! Luckily I am planning on a new sofa next year….. and I managed to hide most of the damage. And it’s been 3 months soooo one bad things isn’t too bad I suppose!

We visited moors valley and ringstead which are both new for Haz. Both great places to take a puppy. And she had a great time. Her favourite thing to do on a walk is chase her brother while he chases his ball. They run around like headless chickens.

This week hazard has:

Destroyed a sofa

Dug two new holes in the garden

Chased a squirrel

First overnight stay

Explored a new beach and woods

Tried waffles … because she made me drop them by pulling on a day out

Worked on her wait command

Spent the day with Simone other than me or Karl

Discovered the joy of chasing sticks/ toys on a walk

Started to learn the middle command

Started walking with a loose leash (sometimes!)

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