22 weeks old: Stick hunter extraordinaire

Hazard is loving life! I think she is starting to look a lot more collie like! What do you think? Her dad is a collie and mum is a Labrador. she has always looked like a lab but I think she is slowly looking more collie like.

She has a new favourite game: When on a walk she likes to find the skinniest twig which I then throw into a pile of leaves…. She then finds that exact twig (if she can) it’s fun apparently!!!

This week we have been learning new commands and working on calming down when she is excited. She is pretty good and is learning really fast. Hazard is learning to come away from things that excite her, she is actually doing really well. She comes away from other dogs when playing and from dog toys , squirrels and birds. She is a quick learner. I am pretty proud.

She definitely is a high energy dog. Her second walk of the day she bounces off the trees and runs around as if she has never tasted freedom. I repeat this is her SECOUND walk. above all her favourite thing to do is run around after her brother or her mate Lola. this is the only thing that really tiers her out.

So far we have not destroyed the remaining intact sofa and haven’t destroyed anything new! Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me. I also don’t appear to have any new holes in the garden. So we are winning.

This week hazard has:

A new harness which has improved her loose lead walking

Met and played with new dogs

Learnt the middle command!

Started to learn to wait before getting a high reward and wait for her picture to be taken.

What a lovely we we have had, next week we have a lot planned including the beach and maybe even some Frisbee.

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