The imperfect perfect dog.

Dogs can be an emotive subject for some people; especially if talking about their own. I’ll fight anyone who tries to tell me my boy isn’t my baby and will moan about dogs not being allowed on beaches during the best part of the year (Even though humans make much more mess than dogs and... Continue Reading →

Dog training? It’s all fun and games.

We have recently completed a few new training courses with Watercombe dogs and have just started a regular training class with them. It’s turned my training priorities completely upside down! Duke has absolutely loved it! And I have too. The training is all game based. You use games and fun to teach you dog to... Continue Reading →

Duke: Two years on!

Two years ago we took Duke home! Its been another year of learning, training and developing; for all three of us! There has been loads of challenges but a lot of successes too. The hardest part of the year has been Karl’s bad back, a very bad back, in fact he has just had surgery.... Continue Reading →

Big-dog-little-handler: pawly puppy!

Duke has not been himself. He’s had kennel cough. Kennel cough is a infection, which is similar to a chest infection in humans, that is highly contagious. There are several things that can lead to kennel cough and they often work in tandem to cause the condition. Dogs are most susceptible to kennel cough when... Continue Reading →

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