January 1st.

Isn’t January the 1st a wonderful day? The start of a new year; full of hope and joy, for some, full of dread and foreboding (so not so wonderful). Lots of us like to reflect on the past year and express our hope for the year that lays ahead of us. Some of us, perhaps... Continue Reading →

The “antisocial” army wife.

Before I got married to my wonderful soldier, and before I moved to our first ever home, I was told again and again: "you’ll make so many friends" "the wives are always socializing". Well. I’ve met some lovely people but I struggled to make friends. Half of the problem is me. I’m anti-social at times. In... Continue Reading →

Loving a military man.

Being an army spouse or partner isn’t the easiest thing in the world. You tend to spend more time apart than together. It’s a weird and sometimes wonderful world like no other. You love them so you take the bad and celebrate the good. There are just somethings that you have to deal with and... Continue Reading →

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