lost my running mojo

  So I’m struggling again. 10 minutes into the run I can feel the struggle, can feel my legs rebelling and I keep getting an uncomfortable stich in my side! 4 runs in a row with this awful stich; there must be something going on! A little injury I haven’t noticed, change in posture or... Continue Reading →

Running progress (at last!!)

I've done it !!! Finally seeing some progress. Have cut out short runs to one a week and now only doing 10km or more for my normal run. I'm finally getting up those hills faster and not being such a wimp! My lack of progress had really wrecked my motivation and I had started slipping... Continue Reading →

A week of lacking motivation

 I'll admit it. Last week's running just didn't go as I had planned. I wrote up a running schedule today with the hope I'll stick to it because at the moment my attempts have been pathetic!There are 3 things standing in the way of my running goals lately:  Work,  Weather and Motivation.  I'm not sure... Continue Reading →

Running Problems.

Running is the best sport in the world (well in my world, I suck at everything else). I love the freedom and sense of pride it gives me, but it definitely has its pitfalls at times. I’m currently having a few… 1.       My shins are really hurting. The pain is unreal at times my poor... Continue Reading →

Our running events of 2016.

Gung-ho Southampton… was pretty okay The best friend, Becky, and I signed up for gung-ho because it looked dead cool. It was a giant inflatable course in Southampton which was close to Becky’s home so seemed like a perfect event for us. It was okay, we were in the first wave and there seemed to... Continue Reading →

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