Two years down … onto forever

This time two years ago I was preparing to get married, I was blissfully drinking prossecco and chatting to our nearest and dearest. Tomorrow marks our two year anniversary. It’s gone so fast but at the same time it’s feels like it’s such a natural thing; almost like we have always been married (I know... Continue Reading →

Camp fever 

Cabin fever: idiomatic term for the claustrophobic reaction a person who is stuck indoors for an extended period has. The term describes the extreme restlessness, agitation and irritability they feel.  Camp fever: pretty much the same thing! When you live behind the wire and haven't left camp for an extended period of time.  This accurately... Continue Reading →

Sometimes home is not a house. 

I've been thinking about when our posting here comes to an end and we move. I love this house and the effort I've put into making it a pretty place. We have put sweat and tears into building furniture and moving it around. Although it's very small it's a lovely place. I adore the location,... Continue Reading →

The inexperienced army wife. 

I met my now husband almost 7 years ago. We had some time apart but after 3 years back together we decided to get married last year. This is our first posting and I've officially been an army wife for 7 months. Although I'm not new to army life I'm new to the army wife... Continue Reading →

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