House Number 2

It really does feel like I haven't written a blog post in ages. I haven't sat down and taken the time to put my thoughts to paper. It’s been a strange year, and a very busy few months!  We moved house !   Army house number three, and our first off camp. It’s actually amazing to finally be out from behind... Continue Reading →

The Big Move!

We moved 2 weeks ago! I can’t believe it. It’s strange to think it’s been that long, It took so long to get our move: we lived in married quarters behind the wire for two years. We had a lovely little house but it had lots of problems and pitfalls and when our move was... Continue Reading →

5 weeks of puppy power!

So Duke has been with us 5 weeks. He is definitely a wonderful dog. A cheeky and slightly crazy puppy who has definitely come a long way in such a short time. A ridgeback cross mastiff his size is often intimidating to some but he really is the softest dog possible. And to be honest... Continue Reading →

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