Hazard :- 11 weeks old

I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks! Crazy! Hazard has had a busy week filled with family visits, her first proper walk and the discovery of the sea! Hazard’s house training is going well; now and again she has the odd accident but on the whole she is really good and let’s us know she... Continue Reading →

10weeks old!

Hazard is 10 weeks old! And it’s her 2nd week with us. She’s grown so much, I actually can’t believe how small she was 2 weeks ago! Going from 3.3kg to 5.2kg in such a small space of time. Still small for a Labrador but she was the smallest of the litter. She has had... Continue Reading →

Dog training? It’s all fun and games.

We have recently completed a few new training courses with Watercombe dogs and have just started a regular training class with them. It’s turned my training priorities completely upside down! Duke has absolutely loved it! And I have too. The training is all game based. You use games and fun to teach you dog to... Continue Reading →


On the Monday it will be a whole year since we took our Duke home. If you haven’t met Duke; he is a Rhodesian ridgeback cross Mastiff. And is a big, and somewhat excitable, baby. Duke is also our pride and joy. He has brought us lots of challenges, frustration and a few tears. But... Continue Reading →

Big-dog-little-handler: pawly puppy!

Duke has not been himself. He’s had kennel cough. Kennel cough is a infection, which is similar to a chest infection in humans, that is highly contagious. There are several things that can lead to kennel cough and they often work in tandem to cause the condition. Dogs are most susceptible to kennel cough when... Continue Reading →

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