10weeks old!

Hazard is 10 weeks old! And it’s her 2nd week with us. She’s grown so much, I actually can’t believe how small she was 2 weeks ago! Going from 3.3kg to 5.2kg in such a small space of time. Still small for a Labrador but she was the smallest of the litter. She has had... Continue Reading →

Starting with a splash

For some reason 8 weeks ago I decided to add swimming to my routine. My husband and I are lucky enough to have a swimming pool on camp, so thankfully there was somewhere nearby that we could go that wouldn’t be too busy. My swimming was a little bit rubbish, lots of splashing, huffing and... Continue Reading →

Running progress (at last!!)

I've done it !!! Finally seeing some progress. Have cut out short runs to one a week and now only doing 10km or more for my normal run. I'm finally getting up those hills faster and not being such a wimp! My lack of progress had really wrecked my motivation and I had started slipping... Continue Reading →

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