Maintaining momentum.

My biggest challenge when it comes to running is keeping going. Keeping up a good training program for a decent amount of time seems beyond me: I start off well, I become a-bit rubbish, I improve, then again I’m rubbish! Which means I see little to no real improvement. My times just don’t get any... Continue Reading →

Running: Finding the love. 

I've had some awful runs of late . I've lost motivation again and again; and fallen a little out of love. The last few runs have felt more of a chore than something I genuinely enjoy. I had signed up for the Bournemouth Marathon festival 10km last year. I've done the run before and thought... Continue Reading →

A week of lacking motivation

 I'll admit it. Last week's running just didn't go as I had planned. I wrote up a running schedule today with the hope I'll stick to it because at the moment my attempts have been pathetic!There are 3 things standing in the way of my running goals lately:  Work,  Weather and Motivation.  I'm not sure... Continue Reading →

Am I a good runner??

I love to run. I enter a lot of races, I cover lots of different distances, I’ve even completed a half marathon. BUT am I a good runner? I have no idea. Sometimes I doubt myself massively (especially when people try to give me unsolicited advice), there’s nothing worse than when someone asks you what... Continue Reading →

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