Week 20 and 21: freedom!

Poor Duke had the “Cone of shame”, aka an Elizabethan collar, on for some time and was getting well and truly fed up with it! So was I. He kept jabbing me in the throat with it. It was killing me.  Last Monday Duke had a check up to look at how his stitches where... Continue Reading →

Week 18; Duke doesn’t do bedrest!

This week started off so, so promising. But the last 5 days have pretty tough on our poor Duke, and extremely tough on us, and we are definitely hoping for a less eventful time this week. Monday started beautifully; we headed out to our favourite beach. Duke got to run around off the lead unaware... Continue Reading →

Week 17: my wonderful Duke.

Dukes had been amazing this week,  I know he is amazing most weeks, but this week it has been great to have the company. Karl has been away so I was all on my lonesome; having Duke around to snuggle up to on an evening and  keep me busy during the day is wonderful. He's a... Continue Reading →

10 weeks on: Duke the Dog. 

I actually can't believe it has been 10 weeks. 2 months and a half!! It's gone by so fast. He maybe big but he is a big baby.  We have had more doggy play dates. Duke seems to have more friends than me!! We've been realy lucky to go out with other dogs and give... Continue Reading →

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