28 weeks of health and happiness

I’m trying desperately to get myself back on track! I was doing so well until our little family was hit by some difficult times. Now that things are starting to settle, and I’m feeling more emotionally settled myself, it’s time to get back on track!!! Back to myself. After a long string of bad luck,... Continue Reading →

Finding my stride again!

It would appear that after over a year of struggling to get into a running routine I have fallen into one. And after a year and a half of minimal improvement I’m starting to improve again! Fingers crossed I haven’t spoken too soon! I had taken a huge step back with my running since we... Continue Reading →

Call me a Park Runner.

Okay so I’ve only been to two! But I’m converted. It was great. I was extremely sceptical of the idea of Park Runs: I expected some kind of free for all with no organisation or lots of serous runners banging out a 22 min run as I struggle in last place. Safe to say I... Continue Reading →

Running: too hot to run.

I'm terribly British I know but: this weather is too HOT. Too sweaty, too yucky, too uncomfortable and far too hot to get on with life!  So my training has fallen this week. I've barely got the runs in if I'm honest! And I need to clock up over a 100km in the next few... Continue Reading →

Running progress (at last!!)

I've done it !!! Finally seeing some progress. Have cut out short runs to one a week and now only doing 10km or more for my normal run. I'm finally getting up those hills faster and not being such a wimp! My lack of progress had really wrecked my motivation and I had started slipping... Continue Reading →

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