Adjusting to a new normal

Staying home, no running, no bread, no gym, WFH (working from home), learning to keep myself busy at home and dealing with the anxiety Covid-19 brings. Well that escalated quickly didn’t it. One week we are plodding along washing our hands more, trying not to touch our face and the next week we can’t leave... Continue Reading →

Overcoming anxiety

I was diagnosed with "anxiety and depression" around 17 years old... I kind of knew what it was. I knew about it from an alevel understanding of psychology. I told few to no people the extent of problems I was having. And this was probably a big mistake. But an easy one to make.  Sometimes... Continue Reading →

When bravery isn’t enough.

12 days ago I did my best to be brave. I did something that scared me.... I battled my mental dragons and took action.  I wish I could say all worked out and is well. However the result turned out to not be what I had wanted. Not what I had planned for. In fact... Continue Reading →

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